About Me

My first camera was a Canon Ixus II Advanced Photo System film camera. It was given to me by my grandma in the late 90’s for my first overseas travels. I seriously contemplated not even taking it with me in terms of weight and hassle. In my opinion by then photography was a missed opportunity to experience things. In the end, the Ixus is packed in a corner of my bag and I suddenly found myself in South America learning the art of photography. The camera finally helped me to observe my surroundings more and in a more vivid way. Photographing lets you look at things in a deeper way: from multiple viewpoints, from outline to detail, to shape, mood and feeling. This pocket camera has changed my life and I will always be grateful to my grandmother.

Life is about enjoying, enjoying as much as possible. Great things, little things. Health and love. Humor, music and last but first: nature. For me, photography is so beautiful because it helps to literally dwell on this life. Realize how beautiful life is by looking a little longer than usual in the busy, hasty existence. Bram Kloos Photography is about the professional and fun way of capturing this life.

I want to make as many people as possible happy with my photography. Live photography. Continuous growth as a professional photographer. To become a source of inspiration for other photographers and people who can appreciate beautiful images.

Bram Kloos Photography